2. angel

    <poetry below>

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  3. kemariel:

    after-swim snacktime! (´∀`)

    Makoto from Free! by request 

    there you go!! thanks anon! <3

    ok now i have to go buy groceries so i can eat dinner

    taking things one step at a time, guys


  4. oh shit sorry i got distracted drawing another thing after i started drawing the thing


  5. Anonymous said: Could you draw makoto from Free! In palette 9? If you're not too busy already!!

    yessssss I love Makoto he is so darling. ; 3;
    drawing it now! thanks for the requesttt 


  6. guys i am bored and lonely send me a request and I will draw you something (ΦзΦ)

  7. firefly-garden:


    Tavros and Nepeta by request (having a super fun pillow fort party)

    so sometimes I am terribly, horribly slow (i’m so sorry!) but when I promise, I always deliver!!!

    Tavros and Nepeta by request, to dear sweet anon c:

    I’m moving blogs so please follow kemariel

    whoops, meant to post this on emberhue, not my main (why do i have 3 blogs guys)

    to anon with love!


  8. hey guys I am reorganizing again (T wT;;)

    I set up another illustration/art blog at kemariel.tumblr (feel free to follow haha ;; ) and I might be slowly migrating there? idk.

    anyway if you see them posting stuff that is mine, don’t worry, it’s me. xD

  9. " tell me you’ll forgive me "

  10. And will he not come again?
    And will he not come again? 
    No, no, he is dead; 
    Go to thy deathbed; 
    He never will come again.