1. Life is an intrusion on my art-making.

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  2. weird day to start a journal comic on, I know.
    but I had nothing else to do. = w=;;

  3. been up to some sketching this weekend!


  4. Anonymous asked: Sso i don't know why i feel you should know this but every time i see your url i read it as that weird laughing thing some people on the internet do, insted of the word hue. Like, "emberhuehueHuEHUEHUEHUE" Have a nice day

    Possibly the best mail i have ever received, hahahaha!
    I never thought of it that way!
    Thank you for your mail, anon. You have a nice day as well!

  5. my friend told me to draw him in a cool outfit with superpowers so

    I was torn between Infamous, Thor, Cowboy Bebop, Matrix, and Final Fantasy designs so idk what the heck this is that turned out

  6. based on true events

  7. it snowed today and i drew something for the first time this year.

  8. ugh sorry i haven’t drawn stuff lately, school is keeping me so busy p_p

    i told my friend i would draw my outfit every day from now on, because i love fashion and i put a lot of thought into what i wear every day, because it’s fun and i enjoy it xD

    so here is a draw

    oh yeah today is my birthday too ; u;


  9. twisted-and-conflicted asked: Wait what you only just got your first fanmail on tumblr how can this be your art is perfect and you are perfect you should be rolling in fan mail

    WHA- BUT I-
    YOU ARE SO SWEET AHH I’M ACTUALLY- I’m actually blushing. ;///;
    ahh thank you so much!! <333333 ; A; what did I do to deserve this love?!?!?!

    slowly lays down on floor 


  10. Anonymous asked: you're an amazing artist and you drew Nepeta so adorably! I was wondering if maybe you could draw Nepeta and Tavros together? it's perfectly fine if you wont I just wanted to ask. but yeah keep up the fantastic work, I love your meowrails mini comics



    oh my gosh, this is the first fan mail i have gotten here on tumblr???!!! ; v; thank you so much <33333 waahhh~ (>///<) i’m really happy you enjoy my work~ (p vp)

    and since you asked so nicely, i will draw Nepeta and Tavros together, just for you, kind anon! ( u vu) <3