1. thank god for good stories.

    i am fairly certain i would have quit this world by now were it not for good literature.


  2. you remember now,
    this is how the end begins:
    the numb,
    the empty in that deep inside of you,
    turning through you
    like a hunger
    for something, something,
    you can’t remember.

    only these words:
    if you have nothing,
    you have nothing to lose.

    whisper them to yourself, now
    let them fill you.
    nothing else will.

    if you have nothing,
    you have nothing to lose.

    you won’t remember.


  3. I am done.


  4. I saw the moon tonight.
    Did you see it, too?
    From so far away, it looks perfect.
    I wonder if people are that way, too.

    Watching the moon, suddenly I felt afraid.
    I am so, so small.
    I am so tiny and fragile and I have so little to give,
    so little that I can do with these two breakable hands.
    Before I disappear, what will I become?
    What if the answer is nothing?

    Lying on the rooftop I looked at the moon
    and reached for your hand in the dark.
    You should be here beside me.

    I wonder, do I look perfect from far away?
    If I do, it’s only because I’m reflecting everyone else’s light.

    I have so little time.
    So little to give.
    I should have given it to you when I had the chance.


  5. you try to remember:

    maybe there was a time when you felt beautiful, once
    maybe there was a time
    when you didn’t look at yourself like a stranger


  7. angel

    <poetry below>

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  8. kemariel:

    after-swim snacktime! (´∀`)

    Makoto from Free! by request 

    there you go!! thanks anon! <3

    ok now i have to go buy groceries so i can eat dinner

    taking things one step at a time, guys


  9. oh shit sorry i got distracted drawing another thing after i started drawing the thing


  10. Anonymous said: Could you draw makoto from Free! In palette 9? If you're not too busy already!!

    yessssss I love Makoto he is so darling. ; 3;
    drawing it now! thanks for the requesttt