1. Kiriban from like a bazillion years ago? (*__*;) That I finally did today! (woo…)

    Zelgadis, I guess? I don’t know the anime or anything. (> <;)

  2. to my friends Ari and Kubotan,
    and dedicated to my two poor goldfish, may they rest in peace. (; -;)

  3. how do i come to like
    the person i’ve hated up until now?


  4. also hey everyone sorry i haven’t drawn anything in like 3 billion years, 
    i have been battling workloads and numerous anxieties (>_<;)

    hope I can draw something to show you soon. I’m really sorry! 

  5. I finally found a black lip ring in just the right size!!!! It was SUCH A HUGE BUGGER TO PUT IN!!!

    They’re a pain to begin with but never have I struggled so much with a capture bead. ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

    Now it’s never coming out (until I have to go to work on Friday (-.-;))

    ok, now please return to your usual lives, I’m sorry to waste your time with news about my piercings \(//∇//)\

  6. 梅雨 has arrived!!!!!!
    I love the rain~ (and so do my flowers) (✿´‿`)

  7. 「治せない」



  8. Life is an intrusion on my art-making.

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  9. weird day to start a journal comic on, I know.
    but I had nothing else to do. = w=;;

  10. been up to some sketching this weekend!